Software before Machine?

I am order 21649 on a 50 Woodworker shipping date on the chart of Oct 31st. I expect it to be a few weeks behind that date and my question is, is there any value in purchasing the software (in my case I believe Carveco which I will pay monthly for or annually) before the CNC gets here. or should I wait? I just got a new PC for the CNC software after years of being on a Ipad only and it is taking some getting used to again and it made me think maybe I should buy the software so I can fiddle around in it before my machine arrives.

I would get a trial licence if you can. I umm’d and ahh’d between vcarve and carvco and went vcarve as it is popular on the forum, the tutorials are many, well organised and well created.

If you plan to use F360 it is free of charge. That is worth practising with beforehand; creating designs.

Probably me, but lately I have found I like to create dxfs from f360 sketches and carve them in vcarve.

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I would second that opinion, start with trial licenses.

Prior to receiving the 1F, I tried different software. When the 1F was installed, I thought I had made my mind. Yes, I could export the G-code, the first piece was milled but the workflow between the machine and the software was not working for me.

I went back through my notes with that practical experience and settled on a completely different choice but it fits my personality, my projects and how I use the 1F better.

So I would encourage to test different options but to delay the actual purchase.

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Thanks for responding and the great input.

Thank you that is a great idea.