Going to order Woodworker X-50

My question to you all is if I order this, do I also need to order the software that goes along with it or does the software come with it? I’ve heard a lot of good things about the V Carve Pro and how easy it is. I’m completely new to this as in the past, I have paid someone to do my work.

The software that operates the OF is included - it’s installed on the controller. That’s what allows you to load and run GCode files.

Design software is different. That ranges from free to very expensive ($1000+). You can use any design software you want but you need to have a toolpathing & GCode generation option as well. In a lot of CNC work design and toolpathing are separate programs. But most people here are using a design program that includes toolpath definition & GCode generation.

VCarve & VCarve Pro, Carveco Maker, etc do both design & GCode generation. VCarve (& Pro) is the big dog here due to it’s long history in the space. Their Aspire version is very useful if you do 3D carving design (the tools for 3D carving are in VCarve but the design of 3D carving objects are an Aspire feature). The good thing about VCarve’s different versions is you can upgrade to more capable versions for just the difference in price. The license is perpetual with free upgrades the first year.

VCarve Desktop’s biggest limitation vs Pro is the size of your project - it’s 24x24". You can get around this by using the included tiling functionality. VCarve Pro eliminates this constraint. There are an enormous amount of resources on the internet for learning & using VCarve in all of its flavors. There’s also a ton of training and downloadable and for-purchase projects available from Vectric as well.

There are many Carveco, etc users here too so you won’t have issues finding someone here who can help if you go with those software applications but I believe VCarve is the dominant application being used here.

That’s right @mike3767, you’ll need software to program and operate the machine but that would be a requirement with almost any hobby level CNC. You’ll quickly discover that the machine and software are only the beginning of the expense. Add in bits, vacuum system, wasteboard, table to mount it on, hold down system and you’re just warming up. But really, don’t let any of that discourage you. I can assure you as someone else who used to contract out CNC work ( not to mention laser engraving ) the rewards keep adding up, not just financially but personally. It feels so good to be hands on in whatever project you take on. My solution was the Onefinity X50 woodworker as well. Loving the machine.:heartbeat: A quick search on Google will lead you to a series of videos on YouTube on the real cost of a CNC system. Buckle up, you’re in for a great time. Welcome to the forum.

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You’ll need to understand software to design and then to create g-code for the machine to cut. Here’s some videos I found useful.

The last one is Mark Lindsey, he is especially helpful as he supports a weekly live stream for people with questions mostly about Vectric if you choose that software.



Just my 2 cents but vcarve pro is what I use. Super simple to learn. Everything is straight forward. Took a whole hour to learn it. Lol. I’ve programmed with a lot of softwares over the past 30 years, (for my job) and this was the simplest I have ever used. Does everything you need pretty much in a 2d world. You can cut 3d in the Pro version but it’s pretty limited. If I ever plan to do more 3d I will upgrade to Aspire. So if 3d is what you would do most, I would just go straight for it. Ps. I believe they offer you to use their trial versions for free but you can’t post to the machine.