Can’t save toolpath with Vcarve?

Trying to make my first cut ever using V carve… just a simple text of my name. When I select the journeyman X-50 as my post processor it gives me a message in red saying:

“The trial version of the software can only save toolpaths for data from the supplied tutorial files. Please load and unmodified tutorial file to test machine output“

I am on the Vcarve Pro trial edition. Does this mean I have to buy the full version to be able to “print“ anything?

Is everyone paying $700 for Vcarve pro? Wow.

Vcarve desktop is another option that I use, and it’s around $350. I factored this cost into my overall budget. I’m still getting started a little bit but looking to upgrade my software when possible. If you use the desktop version, you will need to tile anything over 25"x25". It sounds intimidating to tile and have separate files for the same piece, but it’s very simple once you understand it. I’m unsure if you NEED the paid version to make g-code files but, on the bright side, it’s a one-time payment.

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On another bright side, Vectric gives you full credit for applying the purchase price of Desktop to Pro when/if you want to upgrade. So - go with the cheapest VCarve option and trade up. It’s much less painful that way :slight_smile:


The trial version is intended to allow you to learn how to use the software not to test out the mechanics of the CNC you’re hooking to. That’s why you can only cut their test files.

You can try one of the free apps (Carbide Create, Easel) to start to get to used to using the CNC itself and then decide if the software design capabilities available in VCarve are worth spending the money on vs. one of the free or cheaper paid software packages out there.


Hey Brian,

I find the $700 price is fair for such a well-developed and powerful software – programming such software takes a lot of time. And in contrast to Fusion360 and other Autodesk Software products which are based on online subscription (and as far as I’ve heard constantly change their features and restrict the free versions), Vectric allows for lifelong and offline use. That is fair, isn’t it?


You will spend a fair chunk of any design to build in the software so i think on balance it is worth it.

There is also F360 free of charge for personal use.

I use both f360 and vcarve pro depending on my usecase: typically vcarve for signs or anthying 2.5D, say from DXF / SVG files and f360 for more 3d work that requires more complex modelling.

Personally, I use Rhino for most of my 3D modeling. I’ll probably end up buying V-Carve pro for model imports and easy v-carve tool paths however.

Auntjemimma, how hard is Rhino to use? Ive been tossing the idea around about giving it a whirl.

Personally I find it much more intuitive than Fusion/solidworks but I’ve been using it for 20 years.

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Thanks for the insight

Well, I ordered it. Now it’s time to wait 5 days for something that should be instant. How hard is it to sent a code? :roll_eyes:

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For what it’s worth, my email with the dl link came within minutes when I bought Desktop 11. That “5 business days” thing seem like nothing more than just seriously covering their sphincters on a “just in case” basis.


Hey POLO708 try getting a subscription from EASEL its better and easier to use and way cheaper