Vectric files in trial version

I have the vcarve pro trial and am trying to get familiar with it. I would like to know if the files that I save in the trial version will work when I buy the full version in the future or I will need to redraw them in the full version. I guess can I move the files to the real version and use them?

Thanks David

I’ve read that the full version will read the trial ones so long as it is the SAME computer. It also seems to be recommended that you re-save those files with the full version.

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Hey David,

Can I open files created in the Trial Version in the full version?

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Yes, but only on the same computer that the trial version was installed on.

Once you have opened the files in the release version and resaved them, you can then open them on any computer running the program.

If you do have files that were created in the trial version that you need to keep and use, it is a good idea to open and save them as soon as possible after installing the release version as any problems or hardware changes to the PC could prevent the program from opening those files from the trial version.

– Source: Vectric FAQ

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Looks like so many others beat me to this one.

Hey Phil,

I use the bookmarks bar on my browser (view > show bookmarks bar) and I have an entry for every topic that I’m interested in at the moment or that is subject of a research. There I create subfolders for every subtopic. Everytime when I visit a web page that I consider as worth to be visited again or remembered, I click “Add the current tab”, this way I have every link of interest very quickly at hand. That’s how I can make postings with a lot of links in them very quickly. So when I read the original poster’s message, I clicked on bookmarks bar: CNC → CAD/CAM → Vectric → FAQ and then Ctrl-F “trial”.


LOL, I’ll give that a try but I’m pretty old and sometimes hard to retrain (just ask the wife)! Thanks for that tip though.


Thanks guys I’ll keep drawing and learning tool paths with the trial version until I take the plunge.

Hi All, Whilst I’m not new to woodwork, I’m new to CAD/CAM software and I spent a day trying the Carveco Maker and I got pretty frustrated hence, I’ve downloaded the trial version of VCarve Pro and I’m finding this much easier to learn. However, I’ve found I can’t save any tool paths for a design I’ve created from scratch or a modified template - the software tells me its not allowed in the trial version.

Is there a way around this as I’d like to machine a design before I spend the money on the software?

Many thanks,

Hey Ken,

it is not possibe to export g-code with the trial version, however you can do this with the files you created later after purchasing the paid version.

If you want to 3D create objects and export g-code toolpath with free and open source software, you can use FreeCAD. See here for more information.

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Thanks for the info. I thought from the original post in this string that David was saving tool paths in the trial version and I wondered if I was missing something.

I’ll checkout the links, but VCarve seems so much easier to learn than Carveco that I’ll probably end up paying the money!

Thanks again.

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I vaguely remember the Vectric tutorial site allowing a toolpath specific to the item in the lesson as a test. ? Best to check out their forum.

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Hi William,

Thanks for the suggestion and I’m sure you’re right, but I really wanted to prove that I could take one of my own designs through the complete process. As usual, there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

Thanks again, Ken

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Hi William,

That’s really kind of you and much appreciated; however, its not important, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could draw something from scratch and take it through the whole process to an actual carve.

I think that VCarve is actually easier than Carveco (which I have a free 12 month subscription with) and hence, I think I’ll have to lay my money down!

Thanks again,

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Oops - replied to the wrong message - sorry!