VCarve pro trial version

Greetings! My OF is scheduled for delivery in a few days, I’m super excited to get it assembled and start carving! I won’t kid you, I am intimidated by the software and the process from getting from design stage to carving stage. I’ve downloaded the Vcarve pro trial version and created my first project. Because of where I have to set up my OF, I will not have access to WiFi and will need to transfer files with a usb. I guess my question is, do I need to purchase VCarve pro in order to export the file to a usb stick? My technical vocabulary is limited so if someone can dumb it down for me that would be great! :

The trial versions are fully functional except for the last step. You will not be able to generate and save the gcode file which the Onefinity needs to run your creation. However, they provide some free projects available to cut on your CNC with the trial. You would need to install the Onefinity Post Processor then generate your gcode and save that to your usb and take it to your machine.

Thank you for your reply. I was planning on purchasing eventually but just wanted to get more familiar with the program first. I will definitely try the sample of free projects that they provide.

Thanks for clearing this up for myself also John. I too have been doing what Brian is, as practicing with the free Pro Trial Edition and haven’t tried saving anything yet because my unit won’t arrive until late May. This would have been upsetting to find out once the machine arrived and not being able to use it right away because you couldn’t download anything that has been designed in it. I hear it takes a few days to be sent once you decide on the program too. Oh well, I actually think the Pro is the one for me so I may as well get it ordered… Thanks again for the update for those of us not to familiar with all of this.