Vcarve Pro Purchase

I purchased Vcarve Pro yesterday. Any idea how long it is before you get the key to make the trial a real deal?

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I got mine in a day or two.

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Thank you. That helps me. Surprised it is not quicker.

It took about 2 days. Mine ended up in the trash. Did not recognize sender. Check your trash if over two days


Will do. I know there is nothing in there now.

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License for Vcarve Pro arrived. Going to have plenty of time playing in it. 1F won’t be here till beginning of June.

Mine actually showed up about an hour later, but it took me three days to find it because my Spam Bot deleted it. The subject line simply said “General Info”. Once you find the email, you have to register the purchase with Vectric, then they will send you an email with a link in it to start the actual download. During the download, the process will automatically acquire the corrected license and complete the download.

Yep, I got it yesterday.

I fooled around with Fusion 360, Vcarve, and Carbide Create before I got my machine and I found it a little frustrating as I could not see end results, just simulations. When my machine arrived I was still trying to get my head around fusion 360. That program just does not make sense to me. I used carbide create to cut a few things and get familiar with the software and my machine. I finally made to move to VCarve and have been pretty happy since. It is going to take me a while to become proficient with all of the features, but, they make logical sense to me and I am pretty happy with my purchase.

Hey BB does the V-Carve Pro list the ONEFINITY in it as one of the post processors to select ?

It does after you download and install the post processor. I found it on here and it works with no problems. Just follow the instructions provided in the topic with the post processor files. You can run a inch Post processor or a MM post processor.

Thanks for the quick reply.
When mine arrives I want to have everything somewhat nailed down and I’m not too savvy with this stuff but really wanting to pick it up so I’m trying to get ideas about all this stuff.