Wondering what happened?

I made a point of ordering my machine on a separate invoice from the software and accessories so I could have everything ready when the machine arrives in June. The web site says “All software is emailed within 7 to 10 business days.”

What is said email going be titled? I’m wondering if I missed it and it got deleted or if the spam bot got it!

I ordered VCarve Pro separately and the email was titled “General Info”
It arrived a short while later (2 hrs) after my order.

Was it from Onefinity or a third party??

It was from Onefinity (info@onefinity.com)
Not sure if it will be different for you - I only had software on this particular purchase…no accessories.

I should clarify…the email was FROM General Info…the title was something else.

Also, it does appear to be manually created as opposed to an auto-responder. That may explain the varied experience in response time.

I found it in the Trash Can. My Spam Bot got it because “General Info” in the “From” line is a trigger for deletion.

I’ve added the domain Onefinity to the safe list.

one more question if I may: The email talks only about registering and downloading additional goodies after registering. Where do I go for the initial download?? Is it buried somewhere on Vectric’s site?

Did you not get a reg link and license code?

I got those, but the instructions say to use the link after downloading the program. Am I reading too much into the process

It is multiple steps; the link from Onefinity verifies the purchase as valid with Vetric. You’ll set up an account with Vetric and receive the actual key that activates the software.

When I went through the process, I was able to activate it as well

So the actual download is on the Vectric web site??

Yes…that is correct…

OK, Vectric finally got me squared away. Seems one has to register the purchase with Vectric … then Vectric sends the link for the actual download. Then during the download, the program automagically fills in the license number and allows the download of the full version. Wow, all done and running! Thanks for the assist.

Whew! Glad it all worked out…enjoy carving!