Vetric software

When purchasing their software does it come as a cd/dvd or is it downloaded? None of my laptops have dvd drives on them and so far I haven’t found anyone with an external one I can borrow. Not that they are expensive. My internet at my house is through my cell phone so data is limited. I tried to find where to download the file so I could do it at work and just save it to a thumb drive but all I found was the trial versions (which I already have on my laptop to play with). But I didn’t see any place to enter a license number so I figured the demo versions were different. I’m leaning towards getting the pro version so I don’t have to deal with the size limitations with the desktop version.

I received my Pro version as a download. It was expensive but as a Mechanical Engineer who used to write code for other engineers … it is done well.

I bought mine from Vectric itself, but you can get it through Onefinitey. Though I hear it takes longer through OF.

Good Luck

Buying it through Onefinity saves you about $70 off the price that you would pay if you bought it directly from Vectric.

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If they send it to you as a download I assume you have to save it somehow just in case. For example the laptop I’m going to use is only about 6 months old but the left touch pad button started acting up. I had to send it back for repair. When doing so they clearly state that they are not responsible for any software or files on it. In the past I’ve always been able to go to the website and download it again if needed and then just reenter your license.

You’ll create an account on the Vectric portal. You can download it again:


Thanks. That answers most of my questions.