Learn your CNC course

I am considering the “learn your cnc course” for vetrics software. has anyone here tried it? did you learn a lot? did it help you with your projects? is it worth it? i want to know every dialog box in Vetrics what it does and why i want to know what to do not guess.

It’s free if you own the software. Nothing to lose to try it out.

I think it is worth it.

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I’m a software developer by day, so I’m technically inclined but I knew nothing about CNC software when I bought the OF a couple of years ago. I’ve done the following, pretty much in this order:

Don’t discount the free stuff, but by the same token maybe I would have learned quicker if I had take the structured version of initial Vectric training? That’s also a trap you fall into thinking a paid course will help you learn faster. Bottom line, it’s going to take time and practice and based on my experience multiple viewings of the same topics, by different trainers. But if you have the money, go for it. I’d highly recommend him.

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thank you. i have been doing that and i will take the learn your cnc course.