VCarve Pro through Onefinity

If we purchase VCarve Pro through Onefinity, do we still get the free model project that you’d get to choose from if purchased directly from Ventric? Not sure how that would work with resellers.

yes, you’ll still log into vectrics portal to activate the key and get your downloads and models.

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Any idea when the license will be sent to people who bought through onefinity

do we have to wait for our machine to ship before we get our license for vcarve pro.i placed my order on 8/16,got my receipt and nothing else.

I received my license earlier this week. Onefinity sent an email with license info and a link to Vectric to register the new license. If you did not receive this email I would contact Onefinity and they will take care of this for you.

we sent out the first half of the keys earlier this week. we hope to send the remainder by next week. We’re waiting on Vectric to get back to use. Unfortunately, they are based in the UK, and are time zones are opposite which makes communication a bit harder. It’s coming as fast as we can, just give use a little patience. We’re still nailing down streamlining the license part of things.


Thanks for the update.

Any update? I just purchased vcarve today. Not sure what to expect as far as timeline.

Usually about a week

I already own Vcarve Desktop. Can I upgrade to Pro through OneFinity to take advantage of the discounted price?

no. you’ll have to do that through the vectric portal on their site.