Trial VCARVE Pro to Paid

Does anyone know if you try VCARVE Pro, when you purchase it, can you buy it through Onefinity (which saves ~$70) or do you have to buy through Vectric?

You do not have to buy from Vectric. Once you make the purchase from Onefinity, a code will be emailed to you. You will enter the purchased code into the trial software you already have installed. This will enable the full features of the software.


Thank you. Vectric site says the trial is a full version and I will most likely go with VCARVE Pro just for the ease and You Tube Vids on its use.

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Unrelate, noticed the upgrade to Aspire from VCarve Pro on the Vectric site…on the world market there is quite a difference in the Pound and Dollar exchange rate, with Vectric’s listed prices, it’s a nice deal if I could only figure out how to pay in Pounds.