Vcarve desktop program

Just ordered VCarve Desktop. I expected an download site. How do they deliver the program? My laptop does not have a disk drive of any type.

The key will be emailed to the email your purchased with, within 7-10 business days of purchased.

Vcarve is a installable product, you’ll need to install it on a windows machine to use it. What kind of laptop are you using?

Asus VivoBook 15 running Windows 10.

You will download from the Vectric website and activate it with the key that OneFinity sends you.

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I installed the trial version on my machine, then purchased thru Onefinity. They send me an authorization link almost immediately with clear instructions.

@Eherby - your laptop has to have some sort of storage device in it; down load the software from the Vectric website and start using the free version until your key arrives.