New to CNC & Vcarve questions

I downloaded the free version of Vcarve Desktop to see if it’s what I want to run on my new Woodworker. I downloaded it a couple weeks before I got my machine to learn how it works. Now I have my machine NONE of my projects are allowed to be saved and sent to my machine. Is it true that I can not create any of my own carvings with the free version? If that’s true I think I will choose different cad software if that’s the case. If I can’t see if I like my design and how it works how am I supposed to decide if it’s the best cad for my use.

I think there is couple of projects from them that you can run on the free version.


That is true, you cannot create Gcode from your own files (with the exception Dwc mentioned). You can, however, utilize the preview feature to get a pretty darn close idea of what your project will look like. Look at the photo in my reply to your molding post. That is representative of what you can expect to see.


Thanks for the replies. Yes I can see with the 3D viewer what it would look like but I would like to be able to run it on my machine to test if my g-code worked.

Well, that will not be possible then. You cannot save Gcode. Nor can you send the file to someone with a licensed version of the software…they will not be able to open the .CRV (or .CRV3d file) on their machine. You also cannot use the export function to export to dxf/svg, etc.

Every file you create on the trial version is locked to your computer until you purchase the software, open the previously created file (from the trial) on the licensed software, and re-save the file from the licensed version. All of this has to be done on the same computer in which the original file was created.

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