Carveco License Expiration for Elite Early Adopters

As part of being an early adopter of the elite machines Onefinity offered us a free year of Carveco. I believe I was one of the first ones to receive my machine in early march. I was curious and checked my license. The license is only good until January. Does this sound right? Anyone else see the same thing? I expect regardless of when you received yours your date likely is still January.

I thought it would be from time of registering the software. I have yet to open it since i use f360 but was going to try it out in the couple months. Would be bummed if it expired before i even opened it.

The question is are those licenses transferable? I use Vetric and have no intention of ever touching my one year subscription for Carvco.

As I use Vetric Aspire I told them to give it to someone who could use it. They replied that they would

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But can we give it to someone? I also won’t need mine but would rather offer it up here than just have them do it.

I just purchased my CNC and got the Carveco Maker license. From the email:

The 12 months start from when you activate/install the software on your computer.

You might try searching thru your email for the license, mine has the subject of “Your promo Carveco Maker (12 month subscription license) is ready!


I just checked. I got my license sent to me on January 5th 23. It wasn’t installed until april when the CNC was actually delivered. I am wondering for the people that received it free of charge if they just considered the 1 year term to start when they delivered the confirmation of subscription. Kind of a bummer imo since I only got 9 of the 12 months out of it.