Free Carveco subscription

Does the free 1 year Carveco subscription on the Elite Journeyman begin upon purchase or upon delivery of machine?
I purchased the Elite Journeyman on Jan. 26, 2023. I just received an email with my the free 1 yr. subscription to Carveco Maker. I paid with Paypal but the email said Hello Debbie. Can anyone tell me why? Debbie is my wife.

Check your Carveco account, it will tell you when it expires but I assume it is 365 days from the day you activate it.

As for Debbie, I suspect you share a computer and perhaps a PayPal account and they know her name as the account owner.

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Thanks! As we get older we worry about scam. Wife was concerned as she checks our emails. I thought it was legit, but our credit card was hacked several years ago for $10,000.00. Still paranoid. Looking forward to downloading Carveco and learning it while I anticipate the arrival of my CNC machine!!

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