Elite question regarding triple X rails

I’m not an engineer by any means! I get that a 3rd rail stiffens up the X axis. With that being said, without additional modifications to the Y rails, wouldn’t you get deflection in the Y’s thus negating any benefit from a triple X?

You have 4 y rails to the 3 x

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Thanks BJ. Never thought about it that way, makes sense. In the center of the machine on X, I could see equal loads applied to both Y’s but to far left or right on X, I would think that that Y would be more likely to flex. Just my 2 cents.

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Agree but frankly more rigidity likely becomes a diminishing return

If I imagined it correctly, the majority of the weight will be center of the spindle/ router and the Z-axis where it travels. I think the Y with 2 rails on each sides will be stiffen enough to deflect the weight. I don’t think that will negating any benefit of the stiffner X.