EP1 Onefinity CNC - Space Planning

Have you considered owning a CNC, but don’t think you have enough space? Our friend Morgan is building out his small home shop, and found the space for not just one, but TWO Onefinity CNCs.
Follow along - with all the setup configurations that are possible with Onefinity machines, you might realize that you have more space than you thought!

Learn more about Onefinity’s wall mounting system Introducing the Wall Mounting System for the Onefinity CNC - YouTube

Sharing your garage with a car? Make your Onefinity mobile with the Rolling/Folding stand! Learn more Introducing the Rolling-Folding Stand for the Onefinity CNC - YouTube

Ready to bring your vision to life? Visit us at http://www.onefinitycnc.com/ to build your machine today!

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