Excess voltage or amperage


    I’ve noticed lately, I seem to have excess voltage or amperage(not an electrician) coming from my control box. If it is plugged into a receptacle, it charges all my metal equipment in my workshop.

I only recently noticed it , because I wear shoes in the shop 90% of the time. Went out there yesterday
shoeless and got a small shock. It went away when I
I unplugged it from the wall. I have a surge protector on it, it has 2 lights - protected and grounded. Protected is bright green, grounded is not as bright. I took a bare wire and inserted it into the ground on the receptacle and to a bolt connecting my wall to the concrete - no change, still received a shock

When I run the machine, everything works correctly.

Is the issue in my control box? What can I do?

Thank you

Well in this case, I would check for ground continuity throughout the machine - Case, power supply, leaking and protection from your servos, and then check YOUR ground - Wall outlet, wiring, etc.

What about plastic and your vacuum? You can build a static charge from your vacuum easy and sheet plastics…

Thank you. I tested my garage wiring and I have an open ground somewhere. I plan on getting the garage wiring reworked , but it still leaves me scratching my head

I don’t think this is normal ( having even a small amount of voltage coursing through something like that). So there has to be an issue with the control box, correct?

The way I see it is, the control box is sending this voltage throughout the 1F and my garage isn’t displacing it correctly

I ran a cord from my house, and there was no shock. This “solves” one problem but is the 1F still sending the voltage but it’s being handled? Everything runs beautifully on the 1F

Thank you

Disconnect everything on that circuit in the garage then plug in the 1F controller & test for leakage. Next do the same with the monitor, router and vac… That should tell you if any of those devices are leaking.
Above all though, find out where the ground chain is broken and get it corrected asap.

Thank you. I ran a cord from the house and plugged the control box into that and the shock is gone. So I wonder if the control box constantly lets off current or if I have basically 2 separate issues. I know I have the broken ground, which I’m getting addressed. That just leaves the issue with the current and the control box. I’m going put some more time into it today and see if I did something when I started to set up the laser

Thank you for your help