FDM 3D printing head and capabilities

It would be nice to be able to FDM 3D print using the OneFinity. Someone brought this up recently and didn’t see it here.

I certainly have use for a large surface area low profile printing area. I’d like to be able to print hollow objects that could later be machined for different finishes. I’d like to make custom consoles, and even 3d Print onto large sections of fabric. Probably better suited for industrial design users but lots of potential and no real option in the market like it.

While I’m sure you could mount any type of FDM print head to this,you’d likely have to change the controller just for that piece due to the fact that you’ll need all of the g-code for temperature management, extrusion rate, etc. so while it might be technically possible by somehow linking controllers, or something like that, or replacing… like with a duet, I wouldn’t recommend it. Xyz are covered but E isn’t here with the existing firmware. That, plus a “heated bed???” That’d get a little toasty too.

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That’s basically what I’m running up against. I could modify but it means a separate controller and maybe even wiring so why the ask here. I just don’t have the space for a second platform and imagine the market for Onefinity shares that already. Until then I’m likely to take the long road for low plastic parts by CNC a mold to cast or glass.

I don’t think the heated bed is a big issue. easy to insulate and not complicated to build to that size. I’m more likely to go the route of something like V1 engineering’s MPCNC with a 3d printer conversion.

I don’t doubt its a long shot to post here but you have to start somewhere.

Hey UltrafoxStudio,

I think that should not be difficult, but is there a particular reason to make something out of plastic instead of wood? Isn’t the purchase of a CNC router that can mill wood a good idea to produce fewer things out of plastic?

There are many uses for additive machining that subtractive machining cannot satisfy (and vice versa of course).

The lack of an axis for an extruder is an obvious issue. I suspect your best bet would be an entirely different controller if you went after this option. The heated bed wouldn’t necessarily need to be integrated with the electronics, but i don’t care for the idea of a heat source that large running for that long unmonitored… and you would need some sort of bed surface that was very flat and still amenable to heating.

Given the substantially lower requirements for rigidity of a 3d printer, i feel you’d be better served with an entirely different machine for this purpose. I’d definitely want to enclose a 3d printer of the size of any onefinity to discourage warping, and probably passively heat the chamber.

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Hey Echd,

my question was actually more aimed at hearing what @UltrafoxStudio plans to do :slight_smile:

@Aiph5u I’m not a woodworker. I didn’t buy my machine to work on wood in any capacity outside of possibly a mold buck. I’m using it to make custom automotive components. I’ve machined Styrofoam for fiberglass and carbon fiber forms. I can repeatably cut patterns and upholstery material with a drag knife and shape seat and arm wrest foam with a burr bit now that I have vacuum work holding. I’ve machined custom emblems and trim pieces. I’m also working on a design for custom tail lights I’ll machine and laminate from sheet acrylic. Certainly most things I’ve done by hand but not with repeatability and efficiency the robot offers.

Its a very handy machine for making bespoke or very low production items like these.

With FDM printer I’d like to print large parts like a center or overhead consoles. Both are reasonably within the Z height of the Journeyman but well outside the build area of consumer grade 3D printer. These large hollow parts are much more complicated to make efficiently and profitably without an additive process like 3d printing. I built a vacuum former large enough for these but its in storage to make room for the CNC and would prefer to build/print in attachment structure vs plastic welding it in after the fact.

I’ve priced out options to buy parts to build a 3d printer to my spec and really the only barrier is space in my small garage. It would be nice to bolt a new controller and print head onto the OF and add even more utility. I’d rather print in a carbon infused plastic or ABS than manage resin and vacuum bagging where possible.

Its a niche need but imagine I’m not entirely alone in not buying these machines to make something other than cutting boards and decorative signs.

I don’t expect OF to solve this problem for me anytime soon but its worth putting out here to see if others have a similar need that they might come around. Its something entirely missing from any vendor. I’d imagine the scale modeling and game terrain folks would love to queue up large models and prints for their hobbies that don’t need massive z heights.

Ivan Miranda’s plans are likely where I’ll start for my own build. In case your interested.

Ivan Miranda big 3d printer MKIV

Industrial machines at this scale are 20x the price of the components to build this and for my low production runs it makes more sense.


Hey UltrafoxStudio,

I thank you very much for the detailed answer! I think if I were in your place I would have the same thought: Yes, I would try to implement that, firstly because the machine takes up the space already and secondly because a 3D printer is not much different than a CNC router, just overly stable for wood milling, but that does no harm.

Besides of implementing the machine as a 3D printer, you would have to solve problems for switching from one use to another.

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All good points and considered. I’d design and build my own but believe the coding to be beyond my extremely limited abilities. The rest is solvable, and easiest with the plans I shared in my post to Aiph5u if I had the physical space for a new machine. Honestly the list of other machines I’d own if I had the space is endless.

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I visit this channel from time to time. Perhaps this build series may be of interest - Building a Large Format 3D Printer – Part 1: Pellet Extruder - YouTube

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Hey UltrafoxStudio,

If you would use LinuxCNC (which is only the software, you need a PC to have a CNC Controller) for the Onefinity, some managed to use it for 3D printing also. This could allow you to avoid using two different controllers.

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A fascinating build and I imagine close to that is being asked for.

A bed using 1F could be built inside and lower to give sufficient z height once the massive extruder is added.

I think a controller that can accommodate undulations in the bed would take some of the mechanical bed levelling issues out (like the prusa self levelling bed).

Looks like a project for @TMToronto :grin:

Won’t the bed need to be heated to achieve print quality?

I definitely think such a solution could work, and your idea of some type of controller leveling would be ideal if possible. it will, as you mention, require a heated bed as well, but that wouldn’t be too difficult - like most of such modification - time and money will be needed.

As interesting as it would be, I have a few other projects I am working on that involve modifications and upgrades to my machine and set-up. I just received the last of the parts, and will be happy to share my next update soon. I will be happy to be get back to my material milling tests - aluminum is next up - and to see how everything works :smiley:

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