3D printer ADDon

I’m looking to convert my journeyman to a large format printer(with a super volcano).

I was hoping to get some advice on how to do it affordable and easily.

I was planning to harvest parts from my CR10 v3(currently has the volcano on it) and 4 monoprice maker select plus(if necessary).

I’ve also looked into a cr10 500 extender kit(buy 2-3 kits plus extra parts) to make a 300x1500x500 setup. Seams pricey, but far more straightforward.

this is a video of someone doing a 1000mm mod, but im warry that 1500mm start introducing unforeseen problems

Good luck.
It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Are you doing it because you need to or because you can.?

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You have enough Z height for your projects?

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I need it for a project, I’m printing a ton of sub-assemblies on my cr10 and don’t want to have to reset the printer 12-18 times a day. I’m trying to print directly onto a large cnc’Ed acrylic panel(cut with the journeyman) and make the print a single piece instead of 18.

Trying to save time glueing and make a better end product

Yeah that’ll definitely be an issue, thankfully my current demands would be fine if I just move the z axis up to the max mounting position