Drawing Tool for the OneFinity (DrawBot)

I just created this drawing tool for the OneFinity in case people want to build one.


Thank you for taking the time to create the video, and share the process in such an informative and clear manner. Adds to the many things we can do on these machines.

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Love it Dan!

Great work on both the overall design and the great video explaining all of it. I appreciate you sharing it with the forum along with the files you used to print everything.

Hats off to you my friend… Kudos!

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I am glad to help. I am very new to the world of CNCs and hope to learn a lot from others.

If anyone is going to print one, let me know if you are willing to print 2 as I have not justified another hobby yet so don’t have a 3d printer.


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Actually saw the video on Youtube before I read your post. Great design and video. If you decide to make some to sale, I would be interested.

Excellent design and explanation. What type of 3D printer filament did you use? (PETG? PLA?)

Thanks Michael. I used ABS. I have a CR10S in an enclosure. You could probably use any type of filament though as long as you print it with 4-5 perimeters for strength.

Excellent accessory for the 1F. Looking forward to printing out the parts and giving it a try. Thanks so much.

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I used ABS but I’m sure you can use anything as long as it is strong enough (4-5 perimeters).

PLA will work perfect for this :slight_smile: I’m going to print it out and try soon. Reminds me of the pen plotter in drafting class when I was in high school. I’m guessing it might not take a whole lot so it could cut vinyl?