Feed Rate for 12mm Birch Ply

I have been jumping back and forth between some hardwood offcuts lately but do the majority of my projects from 12mm Birch Ply. I’m trying to figure out why my most recent cuts were screaming so badly.

Using a 1/4 DC end mill to cut out door panels (Roughly 600mm x 400mm). My RPM stays at 18k (Makita 3) for my 1/4 DC end mill. My feed rate was 100imp and I was doing 4 passes to cut through the 12mm material.

The cuts come out looking beautiful, I’m just wondering how I could tweak these toolpath settings so that it doesn’t sound like I’m breaking something. Going to be doing a lot of them, so would like to make sure no damage is being done.

Thanks guys and girls!

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Try doubling the feed rate.

For real? 200ipm at 18k rpm?

When I look at the Amana specs for their bits - for the the bit in question - they suggest 60ipm for plywood… this conflicting info varies rather dramatically…

Will have to keep running tests

I’ll be interested in your test results - even if recorded in this thread :smiley:

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The Onefinity is hungry for that wood!


I run at 4100mm/min at 0.5*bit diameter DOC in most hardwoods and plywoods without issue. That’s nearly 200ipm!

Makes me feel like an f&s whimp


So I ran it at 200ipm and it cut like a charm. I’ll never doubt my 1f again :laughing: thanks all.


I’m seriously rethinking my life decisions :wink:


This is my favorite thread yet :joy: