Cutting Plywood with 1/16" End Mill

I am preparing a proposal for a client wanting a project with some very fine gear teeth. I’ll be cutting 1/2 inch Baltic plywood with a 1/16" (or so) end mill on my Machinist. Can anyone offer some tips re: feeds and speeds or just some general advice? Thanks, ~Mike

Dial setting #3 on the Makita, 1000-1500 mm/min. 1/2-D depth of cut. Ramp 5 deg at 500 mm/min


Thanks, Nick. Very encouraged to see the fast carve times when I plug in your numbers.

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**By reading the above text you (hereafter, Reader) enter into an agreement and understanding with me (Nick) that the proposed machine settings are my sole opinion and we’re developed and contrived via my own experience and the Reader hereby declares no intent to pursue reparations for tooling or material losses which could result from the application of the aforementioned machine settings.



Those are great suggestions by Nick (disclaimer included ;))

I usually ramp at my cutting speed - I haven’t seen any negative affects (yet).


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I normally ramp at the cut speed as well, with 1/8"+ anyway, but I’m a chicken with tiny bits!

Thanks, guys. I’ll order some of the tiny bits, and use Nick’s advice about a slower ramp speed, at least at first. I’ve gained some confidence, but I’m going to tell the client that I’ll cut out a couple of gears before I commit to the project.

Can you please let us know how it goes, I have similar gear plans in the pipeline.

I’ll do that. I’ve got some bits on order, and I’m still sorting out my machine, so it will be a few days.
I sent a reply from my tablet, and a bot replied that my message was too short! That’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of that!

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