1/6" Bit Settings

Has anyone used a 1/16bit and have recommendations on cutting speeds?

I am cutting a set of intricate joints that require a 1/16 bit. I would like to learn a little more before I try the bit. I hate the thought of breaking it on the first try.



Hi Martin,

I have been using a Bits & Bits 425-DNC062 1/16 X 1/4SH X 3/16β€³ LOC – Spiral Down Cut endmill for a while now. Mostly cutting oak and pine.

Pass Depth .0313 Stepover .025 (40%) with a Spindle Speed of 1600 and Feed Rate of 50 inches per minute Plunge rate 20 inches per minute.

These seem to work well for me.

Hope that helps.


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You can also look up feeds & speeds for similar bit on Amana (toolstoday.com), Whiteside, and Onsrud websites.

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I have been using the Amana #46282-K with very similar settings except at 18000rpm. Bit is still as sharp as when I started using it a month ago.

Hi Mike - it’s not possible to get a spindle speed of 1600 on the Makita - did you mean 16K? I generally use 2-2.5 on the Makita scale, which is 12-14K RPM.

Martin - general rule of thumb is depth of cut = 50% bit diameter, and stepover 40-50% bit diameter. Feed rates in 40-60ipm should be fine - lower if you want solid success, higher if you want to be adventurous. In my last project I ran my 1/16" end mill at 80ipm without a problem. Due to stupid human error, I ended up with a DOC of 200% before the bit snapped, and only because it hit the aluminum t-track. I was surprised how robust the bit was. YMMV.


Tom - Yes I did mean to say 16k. Thank you for noticing that.