Finding someone in the Atlanta area to with Fusion 360 CAM

I am a 70 yo violin maker that is finding the manual work of carving, due to arthritis, very difficult. I have reverted to using a Onefinity and Fusion 360. I have everything worked out except the neck/scroll.
I need someone in the Atlanta area that can help me with the CAM portion.
How can I find someone to help me with this specific design?

I am not in Atlanta, but I’m relatively close in Asheville NC. I use Fusion 360 and have done design commissions in the past.

If you are comfortable with collaboration via teleconference feel free to shoot me an email and we can discuss further.

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Not to hijack the OP’s thread, but I’m building a house in Brevard now. Good to know there are other 1Fers close by :blush:

Welcome to the neighborhood! Brevard is a beautiful place.

Loved Asheville whenever we visited but I’m not a city boy. I have a friend in Hendersonville and Brevard felt like home - O.P. Taylor’s & Rocky’s are just prototypical small town Americana. We’re building on a lake (wife gets her water) and the Blue Ridge is just a short ride away (for my motorcycle fix).

Connestee Falls neighborhood?

I think we’ve hijacked the post. lol
I’m in extreme NE corner of Georgia (Rabun Gap - yeah about as mountainy as it sounds) and often look for fellow 1Fs on the map. I’m glad this area is becoming more 1F populated.

I spent a lot of my youth on Lake Rabun.

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Yep, on Lake Atagahi.

About an hour & half through the mountains from Brevard :blush:

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Continued hijacking - my wife is trying to convince me to move to Hayesville, NC. The real question I’m trying to answer is how is Western NC for CNC shenanigans? Sounds lively. Maybe I’d get in more days running the machine … our low tomorrow is -10F out here in CO. Any corrosion issues on the machines in Western NC to speak of?

As noted above, I’m not in Western NC but still in the mountains and very close by, but my answer would be no corrosion that I’ve experienced.


I work out of my garage which is not climate controlled and the only time I’ve ever had issues was a week or so when I worked with the garage door open while it was raining. The high humidity was enough to cause some flash rusting on my cast iron surfaces but nothing on the polished CNC rails.

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Good to know! Thanks for that input.

You remember this scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Why Hayesville?

LOL, not far off the mark here.

you did hijack the thread…no answer to the original question.

Did you msg @ConvenientWoodwork ?


Sir, I am in Marietta (West Cobb). I’m no expert in CAM however I know a little. I am also an engineer and a guitarist with the goal of building a guitar some day. I’m in my early 50s but I’ve been dealing with arthritis for years. Perhaps we could learn from each other if you’re interested.


John, thank you for responding!
I grew up in Smyrna/Marietta.
I would love to meet you and share our knowledge. Hopefully we can learn from each other.
Please email me at so we don’t bother the forum with our discussion. By the way I was a guitar maker before violins.

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Just seeing this. I’m the admin of a Facebook group for Fusion 360 and lutherie with almost 5k members – Fusion 360 Luthiers | Facebook

I also currently live in Kennesaw and will be moving to Monroe this summer. I’m not a CAM expert but am fairly confident with my Fusion 360 CAD skills for lutherie. Feel free to reach out if you still have any questions!

Brad Anderson Jr

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