First 3D carving attempt

My first 3d carve for a friend. Experiment in poplar. Still have to finish stain it. Hope I don’t ruin it.
Picture of my carve and a picture of the jpeg that came with the file. If anyone has any advice on how to finish/stain this to bring out the details that I did get I would appreciate the help.


Where did you find this image?


Tight work! I hope to try some 3D carves soon. Any beginner tips?

Etsy seller Zox I think

Ton of mistakes I’m not good enough to help. Mark Lindsay videos helped a lot.

Nice, very nice, is that carve and laser or???

I posted my carve and the jpeg that came with the .stl file. It’s a 3d carve only.

Almost finished staining. I’m not too sure about it but it is what it is.