First Ever Project

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share my first ever CNC project. I of course did a few practice pieces before this. But I think this is a good example of “getting thrown into the deep end.” My job title is technically “graphic designer” but where I work we get all sorts of crazy assignments. This was one of the most challenging and exciting. I was asked to build a 3D map of Israel which will be featured in an upcoming exhibit on the kingdoms of David and Solomon. The map is 3’x6’, and about 3" thick where the tallest mountains are. I used a Journeyman and carved it out of HDPLU.

SInce it was bigger than the work area I had to do it in three sections. I assembled all of my stock, carved the first section, fed the piece through again, carved the next section, etc. Later it was painted by some artists I work with.

I’m now working on my second ever project which is buillding the landscape for a model of Jerusalem during the time of Solomon. It will be 4’x8’ and have about 14" of elevation gain. Anyone who knows the landscape of Jerusalem knows that it is very steep. Since we only have 5.25" of Z travel with the Onefinity I am making it in approximately 60 pieces then gluing together.

This has been quite the journey going from no experience at the start of the summer, and almost finished on these complex projects. I’ll post more about the second project later. Still got some work to do on that.


Awesome job. The painting seems like far more work and more skill required than the CNC part.


I agree with Ken, great job!

I typically get lazy after the CNC part and never quite finish many of the projects I start because of the steps involved. :sweat_smile:

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@Reese WOW, that’s amazing, beautiful job!

I had to :laughing: at this heading on your post. I can clearly see you’ve been very busy in the last 6 months!

Haha, can’t blame the moderator bot. I’ve had my head down in these projects.

Thanks, I work with a really great team, they did all the next steps on this one. Except for epoxying the water, I was involved with that. Thankfully, for the 4x8 Jerusalem model I’ll be able to do some painting too. But I’ve got to get this base done first. The deadline is looming.

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If I could outsource the finish work to somebody else, that’d be a dream :star_struck:

Great Job Reese! The Jordan valley looks deeper than I remember it, did you have to exagerate the z axis data?

Sorry for the late reply. Been buried in other projects again. Yes the Z axis is exaggerated somewhere around 8 times.