First Try at carving an STL

This was my first attempt at working with an STL file. I found the file in thingiverse. Simplified and exported it from Meshmixer as an OBJ file. Imported the result into Fusion 360. I made two tool paths using a 1/4" end mill and a 1/16" tapered ball nose. Nearly five hours total cutting time.

When I do my next one, I will reduce the amount of step over.


Very nice Dennis. Thanks for sharing.

It looks nice on the picture, thanks for sharing

It is a nice picture. Could you tell us, is it pine or something else? What speed and rpm were you using? Also what is the size of the carving? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks.

The final size was 13 x 19, that includes the border. I used pine. It’s what I had on hand… As for speeds, I used 40 in/min for the cut speed and 20 in/min for the plunge rate. This was a 1/16 tapered ball nose. I used a 1/32 step over. After seeing the results, I will reduce the step over when I do my next carve. The YouTube folks suggest no more than 10% of the bit’s end width. I’ll give that a try but I will increase the feed and plunge rates to keep the total amount of time manageable.

This is a complete learning experience. I am new to it all. YouTube, Google, and this community has been a great help.