My speed is outta hand

So I am air carving right now echase I wanted to see all the settings in one place. At this very second the air is being carved quite slowly. If you look at my numbers can you tell me how to go after. The gcode is for a 3d bear head. Max jerk is 15k. It seems that 12 hours+ for a 10x10” piece is a long time. I have not carved 3 d in the past so I suppose 12 hours might be the norm? Let me know what you think please!

What size end mill are you using to carve with … you should be doing a roughing pass first to clear the bulk of the material then a finishing pass with a low (8% stepover) with a ball nose end mill.

The speed shown on the controller is way in excess of what it should be (99,000)?

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Thank you @pootaholic the 99000 was there just to see if it would stay on the code when I transferred the file over. I’ve been hallucinating that it changes when it gets to OF …. It didn’t I’m using a 1/4” ball nose end mill. It seems so slow. I see videos of machines MOVING! I know my settings need to change but I don’t know how. Again this is my first 3d carve.

Your feed speed is 4mm per minute. That’s crawling. Check the feeds & speeds recommended by your bit manufacturer.

No, his speed is 4,064 mm per minute or about 67.7 mm per second. That’s faster than I run my feed. Max jerk is pretty high, that’s got to move the table a bit. 12 hours seems a bit high at those speeds so I would check the clutter of your nodes and do some node editing to clean up the carve runtime.

Let me preface this by saying I suck at math, and I’m still basically a newbie with the CNC.

Looking at the Amana 46294 1/4" ball nose 2-flute bit, their speed & feed chart says to run the bit at 250" to 320" per minute. That’s 6350mm to 8128mm per minute. And that would be with a 1/4" depth of cut. I tend to use the slow end of the recommended feed rate.

What is your stepover?

What’s your maximum stepdown per pass?

Are you removing ALL of the material with one tooling operation? Or are you running a roughing pass first

What program are you using?

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