Carving 3D model - time is long where did make a mistake?

Trying to figure out how to cut down the 3D carving time. I have VCarve Pro and trying to carve a dragon gray image.

Vcarve Pro shows it being 4:28:25, and when I load it in to the controller I get 13:36:50 so about 8 hour difference.
I thought I have the tool settings very aggressive for the end mill. (#46282-K Tapered Ball Nose - 5.4 Deg Tip 0.0625, 0.25 inches)

The wood is cherry 13.75" x 9.25" x .43".

Here is what I had in Vcarve:!AroRg1WFcHIWhMdEhJZ00inZq7W2Gw?e=6BC985

Try a 3D roughing pass before the finish pass. I got a 00:29:41for the roughing pass. See if your machine gives you a better time. A 1/4 inch EM should rough it out much faster than your finishing bit.

yes the roughing pass is quick, it is a shorter time. Maybe I’m not understanding what happening why does it matter on so small of a thickness removal to do a roughing pass? I have to change tools and probe z again for the ball nose end mil.

Did this same model on my shapeoko xxl last year it was about 2 hours then.

Try running it or do a short test run on a scrap piece and see how far it gets in 10 minutes and then calculate how long it will take given how far it got in the ten minutes. Maybe the controller is off somehow.