Accurately showing carve time for 3D carves

What to most carvers do to get a fairly close time estimate for 3D finishing paths?
Using Vectric pro 11.6

here is a good example.
in vectric my finish tool path shows 1 hr 49 min.
However on my 1F screen the same carve shows 8 hrs and 30 min.

I don’t need to be exact, but 4X as long???

Any suggestions to make in either 1F or vectric?
And is it different depending on type of Carve (flat sign vs 3D carve)

Note those numbers and run the job. If the times are different, you can adjust the
scale Factor in Vetric. After that, the estimates should be closer to actual times.

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It’s pretty tough to get an accurate estimated carve time in VCarve/Aspire for 3D carves. The carve times are based on your feed rates, but you’ll probably not get anywhere near those rates on intricate carves. The z-axis speed has a big impact on the rates at which the x- and y-axes can move.

I’ve carved some models in a few hours, but others have taken a couple days. You can add in a multiplier factor, but it may not be accurate for the next model you carve.