Cut Time Simulation

I use Vectric Pro with my OF, and I have found that the Vectric method for matching estimated time to what the OF controller actually calculates is dependent upon so many seemingly unknown variables that I cannot reliably estimate a project’s run time until actually loading onto the controller. Since I spend a lot of time on the road and do design work and estimates at night in hotel rooms, it would be great if I could estimate run times accurately enough to generate quotes without being able to load files onto the OF. Any suggestions or tips?

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I too find the “scale factor” in V-Carve Pro to be a bit of a PITA for time estimates and Vectric documentation hasn’t really helped me. As you point out, the solution is to load the toolpath into the controller and you get the answer. In your case that isn’t possible so I guess it becomes experience with the accuracy of the scale factor that you evolve.

The scale factor was off by >50% on two cuts I made today. Here’s an excerpt from Vectric which is not too helpful! So I too am looking for a better path!

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Yes, this is my experience…and I find that I can’t even rely on similar tool path types using similar scale factors…Not all 3D cuts are the same. What would be excellent would be a “virtual OF/Buildbotics controller” - the ability to load a version of the controller software onto the pc- all the various signal inputs from steppers, etc. would be stubbed out or otherwise fool the software into thinking a machine was actually connected. Then, we could adjust parameters like jerk rate, etc. to match our actual machine and get accurate time estimates.