Machine cutting times

I have a 3D carve I’m doing that I have made in Carveco Maker. The estimated cut time is around 7 hours, but when I load it on the controller, it says it will take 38 hours!! I understand the basics or jerk, rapid feed rate, etc. but I am at a loss as to why this carve is so massive. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you provide some details on size of project, bits used and bit parameters (stepdown, stepover, feedrate, plunge rate). Hard to make recommendations not knowing this.
FYI, the toolpath summary in and of the design software are rarely accurate without fine entering values for rapid rate and/or scale factor in the summary page.

@mitzpellic , which Carveco Rapid Rate and Time Scale Factor should we use for Onefinity in the “Toolpath Summary Information”?
Screenshot 2022-12-11 191428