Huge difference in Vcarve estimated speed and Onefinity

I’m using Vcarve to create my carves and I have one that says it should take 16 minutes, but whe. I download it to my machine is says over 8 hours. What settings are wrong and what do I need to do?

There are almost always discrepancies in the estimated time in the software and on the machine. This is due to physics. Acceleration, declaration, jerk, etc. that aren’t properly represented in the CAM software. I’ve never heard of such a big variation though.

What are you carving? Is it something rather simple that should be under 30 minutes or is it something complicated (terrain or bas relief for example) that often takes significantly longer?

It’s simple stripes on a flag.


Some thing is very wrong if all that you are doing is stripes on a flag.

What size is one of your stripes. What type of tool path operation are you doing and what type of tool(s) are you using. For some of the smaller flags that I make I do a pocket operation with 1/4 down cut endmill for clearing and 1/8 inch bit for the final pocket cut. The time is not more then 4 to 5 minutes.

Sharing your Gcode file may help to understand what the issue is.