Vcarve time vs actual time

This may have been answered before but I couldn’t find it. When using the router the estimated time vs actual is pretty close. However when I’m using the laser its way off. I think vcarve had the time around 18 minutes and when loaded into the controller it was around 45 minutes. Is this normal or am I goofing something up?

Are you adjusting the scale factor in VCarve? I expect it’s different by tool (although there’s only one setting). You need to do some comparisons to see what you’ll need to adjust the scale factor to get closer. Maybe start with 2.25 or 2.5).

I haven’t adjusted the scale factor but I’ll try that tonight or tomorrow. I ran out of time last night so I didn’t get to mess with it alot. I was just surprised by that much of a time difference. I also found out that if you pause the program it doesn’t turn off the laser. It doesn’t take but a couple seconds to burn through a .25in piece if its setting still. Luckily it wasn’t anything that mattered.

Wait until you stick your hand under there :smiley:

Thats the first thing I thought about when I noticed the hole.

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Vcarve should use whatever measure Easel from inventables uses for time estimates. Times are always on point, except when I up the jerk settings then it’s even faster.

VCarve allows you to tune the estimates to match your machine’s setup including the impact of things like the jerk settings. It’s defaults are oriented around CNC Routers - lasers have different motion characteristics and should use a different scale factor.

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