Using Default Speed and Feeds

Happy Saturday Folks!

I did my second carve last night and created a sign 24x12” in size. The overall design was fairly simple with some text over text and various pockets for a 3d effect.

Being new to all of this, I used all of the default settings for each bit. The overall job ended up taking over 5 hours to complete. I feel like I either did something wrong or that the settings could be altered to cut down the cutting time.

The wood was some white pine I had laying around the shop. I’ve attached a photo of the project. Wondering if someone can let me know if the time seems appropriate or not? I can provide further info if anyone needs it.


The time will depend on the bit diameters you’ve used, stepover, feed rates etc - 5 hours seems a bit long for that project but if you used a 1/8" bit for the whole thing then I can see it taking that long.

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Check for jerk settings and z height above material, should significantly cut down the time