Feed / Bit / Step

I’d hate to ruin a good piece of wood so thought I’d see if I could get what someone might think about the settings on PINE.
Roughing is fine with with I have and am concerned about the finish…
1/32" Bit
.25 Shaft
5.26 Side Angle
.0312 Tip Radius
Stepover .005
Clearance Pass Stepover .0063
Feed Rate 180
90 Plunge.
As it is Aspire says it will take 15 hours.
I’m just thinking 180 to to fast.
Any thoughts on the above information. THANKS

I would perhaps do 2 finishing passes … 1 using 1/8" BN followed by the 1/32" BN. By doing it this way you could cut the time down quite an appreciable margin.

Thanks for the info, I added the 1/8" Ball Nose and it added over 6 hours to the project. Total time for each is 8 / 6 / 15 for each…1/32 stayed the same time wise. Both the 1/8 and 1/32 were at 180 Feed. The only advantage I see with what you say is that adding the 1/8" will put less strain on the 1/32" What am I missing. Again thanks for your reply

180 inches per minute is way too fast. You can run just the one finish bit, but I run mine much slower at 30mm per second which is about 70 inches per minute. I also use a stepover of 8-10%. This is what I do with cherry, so with pine you can try going a little faster but not too much. If you want a nice finish and not break your bit, you need to be more patient with the speed.

Perfect, that’s a great answer.