Did something change?

Did something major change? I am doing a 4" x 9" 3D carve that used to take 3-ish hours, but it is now taking almost 6 1/2 hours.

Is there something that I can change to make it go back to doing 3D carves as fast as it used to?

Check out this video on setting motor jerk speed. This will explain setting the jerk speeds for the various motors and save you lots of time!


Excellent! Thank you! That cut more than 2 hours off the carve time.

Some time ago, I would run my jerk settings at 15000. It was fast. So fast the the table would shake! I backed it down to 10000 for most cuts after this last firmware update. I may use 15000 for the longer 3D carvings.

Be aware, using 15K and the touch probe setting to set x y and z at the same time may cause the z to be off a little. I would set x y and z and then flip the probe over and set z again to make sure it’s accurate.

After watching Mitz’s video I went to my motor settings and found a different value/unit - g/min vs km/min3 in the video. My 28.3254 default value is quite a bit different than Mitz’s default of 1000. Does anyone know what g/min is and how to convert between the two? Google was not very helpful.

Running firmware v1.0.8.

Have you set your settings to Metric as indicated by Mitz?
Looks like you are in Imperial.

So these huge carving possibilities you see for sale on Etsy or the like will take a lot of time to do? If your piece is 6x9” it seems that 3 hours might be a little long but again, I’m new to 3 d carving so 3 hours may be fast… I dunno.

I double-checked the metric setting. Actually, I looked at the jerk setting with both and it was the same. Maybe I have to reboot after switching to metric? Don’t remember Mitz doing that? I’ll work with it some more tonight.

Make sure you go to fly out menu, under settings, switch to metric and hit save (top left corner that will highlight to green when you enter value)

Depends on the level of detail you are wanting. I use a 1/16 tapered ball nose, so it takes a lot longer than using a 1/8 inch. The results from the 1/8 are okay and probably good enough for most projects and cut more than twice as fast. Just all depends on what level of detail you want.