Foot spacers and max depth

I’m getting my machine in a few weeks. I plan to use a double wasteboard system where the bottom has threads and the top has through holes. That way I never have to replace the one with threads. Due to the added surface height, I thought it would be a good idea to put spacers (3/4 inch plywood squares) below the machine feet so I don’t lose so much space on the Z axis.

  1. Does that sound reasonable?
  2. How far below the machine feet can I cut? For example, if the machine feet are on top of 3/4 spacers, could I still reach the table top if all the wasteboards are removed?


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I’m planning on something similar using two pieces of half inch MDF. I wasn’t thinking about raising the feet.

Matt - welcome to the forums. I believe the max z travel is 5.8" or around there. You can simply extend the waste board below the machine, or raise it if you wish - 3/4" isn’t a huge deal IMHO.


Thanks Tom for the measurements. I agree, 3/4" isn’t too much, but with a double wasteboard system, now it’s 1.5". I’ve considered using two 1/2" wasteboards also. My thoughts about lifting the machine up was because if you can avoid losing space on the Z axis, then why not.


I have 1/2" MDF strips under the feet of my machine running front to back

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I machined some 3/4" plywood blocks to raise the Onefinity up slightly - so far no issues with this setup but I’ve only had mine for 4 days, time will tell

The measurement to the bottom of the Z axis mount is about 4.5 inches

There is an additional set of mounting holes which will raise the Z axis mount about an additional inch however it then interferes with the routing of the Z axis stepper motor cable. The current working height isn’t an issue for me so I am leaving it as is but I would imagine you could work a solution to reroute the Z motor control wire and gain an additional inch of height.

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Thank you for the pictures! This is exactly what I was looking for. I will probably do the same when I get mine in a few weeks, then I’ll post back and let everyone know how that goes also.

I put my 1F WW on a fliptop, so it’s essentially surface mounted to plywood. I changed the mount of the z-axis from the middle holes (there are 3 sets) to the bottom ones (moving the router down on the z-axis and therefore subtracting that from the total available z) in order for my Makita+bit to reach the surface of my spoilboard (3/4" MDF, so subtract that out like what you describe).

Maybe I did it wrong, but with the recommended Makita, I don’t see how you can reach the surface without using the bottom holes on the z, chucking the bit in lower (so it’s not seated almost all the way in–for the record, I don’t think you’re supposed to do this as there might not be enough shaft for the chuck to bite on to), raising the surface up via spoilboard, or some combination thereof.