Lower Z axis/Home to Top of Z-axis

I don’t know if anyone else has run into this issue but I have set up my spoilboard right on top of my workspace. However my Z axis does not go deep enough to reach the board with my surfacing bit so I pruchased a shank extender but found it to be a bit subpar as it ossicalated a lot even without the bit. So instead I will just add another spoilboard onto of the existing one. Would it be possible to have an even lower point to mount the z-axis on the x-axis? As well would it also be possible to have the homing sequence change to home the z-axis to the top instead of the bottom and to do this as the first operation? It would be helpful so in the case of this spoilboard there would be no risk of running the router into the spoilboard, it could also be helpful to make sure that the machine is clear of any workpieces that might be on the table.

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The z axis homing already homes to the fully raised (top) position. Maybe I have misunderstood what you are suggesting, but when I home the Onefinity the z axis homes to the top first, then x axis to the left, followed by y axis to the front.

Hey Wout,

did you already mount the Z assembly in the lowest position?

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