Toolpath no fit x and y, tool path over z

Is it possible that the machine is remembering home from prior to the waste board being installed? I messed with homing prior to installation but I have set it home since adding the waste board. Or, I sent the machine gcode and in that gcode I had ordered z depth. Should I not include a z depth in my gcode and just add it once the file is imported (not even sure if you can do that). I am certain experience can answer this question, I am not :frowning:

Kneepit, sounds like you are confusing homing vs. zeroing. They are 2 distinct and separate operations for your CNC. Homing the machine ONLY establishes the uppermost, left most and forward most possible positions for work limits. It tells the software where the “corners” of the machine are located relative to the router itself.

Zeroing, on the other hand, tells the machine where you laid down your work piece within the possible work space. Maybe you have a 12inch square blank that is 3/4 thick, and maybe you laid it exactly in the center of the table, or maybe you placed it in the center of the front. The machine has no eyes, so you have to be the eyes for it to show it where your work piece is. This is the essence of zeroing…placing the bit point at the very specific position that you’ve told your design to work from, say for example the lower (front) left corner (usually the most popular), and then you zero on the screen the X and Y value at that location (now you’ve told the software where the board is in 2 of 3 dimensions). Then you need to establish where it Z height is by either the electronic block or by eye again, as everytime you change bits, you don’t get the exact same depth into the router collet and the bit height may not be the same in shaft length.
So, until you tell the machine where zero is on the board you want to carve, it’s going to show errors for that file, and the ONLY way to get rid of the error is to show the machine where the work piece is located on the table.

Hope that helps