Negative Z travel?

Hi there, I’m awaiting my journeyman, and planning my table/enclosure. I plan to build a vacuum table, and ideally would be able to CNC a hole pattern into the plywood on which the onefinity sits. So, I assume that means the Z axis would have to be able to travel below the plain of the machine - is that possible by using the lowest spindle mounting holes? I’m going to guess that it is not, but thought I would ask just to make sure : )

Thanks for helping the newbie!

Best, Peter

You should have no problem boring holes in the table at the lowest z mount setting given the common 1/4-inch shank 2.5-inch long endmill. You’ll need about a 1.5-inch stick out from the router to go 3/4 inch deep.


I was able to mill 1/2" deep holes in my table top with the z-axis in the middle holes, just had to leave my endmill sticking out a little further than I normally would.

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Ok, cool - this seems very possible then. Thanks ya’ll! This speaks to my newbie status - appreciate the help on my learning curve. Best, Peter