Fusion 360 - Machine Setup

Does someone know which machine to use when setting up fusion 360? I didn’t see the Onefinity Machine in the selection list…Do we just use the GRBL preset machine?

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The official onefinity post processor isn’t out yet. Buildbotics has one for fusion that has been working for me. You can download it here.


Don’t you have to pick which machine you are using prior to even drafting a product?

No, you design your project and only when you to to map the tool paths and do the CAM work that is where the tool comes into play… the CAD work is totally separate.

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I don’t think you have to define the machine at all (99.9%) - it all comes down to the post processor. The machine definitions were recently added to Fusion – I haven’t seen a compelling reason to use them unless we get to simulations that include machine physics or have a complicated holding jig or something with 4 or 5 axis milling (which I think you can do without defining the machine anyway).

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I used the Generic 3-axis from Autodesk and made modifications to the file to match the woodworker saving it into my personal library. The nice part I found with this was being able to define the postprocessor with the file from buildbotics and save it to the Autodesk cloud. This way it is always available. Works until a “formal” configuration is made available by Autodesk.


Are you using the generic that is XY axis on the table and Z on the head?

Check here Onefinity Community Post Processor and machine configuration