GST/HST charge for U.S. customers?

What is the GST/HST tax that is being charged to U.S. customers?

None. At least it’s not separated. What I paid on ordering is all that I was charged. There were no customs duties or VAT or any other extra charges. A benefit of NAFTA perhaps?

There should not be any GST/HST charged to US-based customers - and there was none on my invoice from last year.

GST/HST are for Canadian residents. US-based residents may have to pay other taxes like state sales tax.


I did not pay any GST/HST on my initial order from OF but when I went to place an order for some spare parts, the checkout page was showing GST/HST charges.

Total parts cost $28.50
Shipping to my FL address: $30 (seriously?)
GST/HST: $4.10

I did not end up placing the order so I don’t know if it actually would have charged the $4.10. I couldn’t get past paying $34.10 shipping/fees for a $28.50 order.

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Was it oversized or overweight? I have an outstanding order for some bits & wiring that was $12.50 for shipping but that was on a $130 order so not too bad.

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Two couplers and a stepper motor. Would probably fit in a 6x6" box.

Oof. I’m in CT so likely a much closer delivery zone than you. Still it’s painful and will lead to others making the same decision you have.

I wouldn’t switch suppliers due to shipping costs, more because of time to ship. It doesn’t seem like it should take 2 weeks to ship in stock spare parts or accessories. Going forward I’ll check Amazon and more established domestic vendors for parts like motors, bearings, etc.

Are you sure you are not on the Canadian version of the site? When I place that stepper motor into my cart it shows $12.50 for the shipping. In the top left hand corner there’s a Canadian and American flag. Click on the American flag and see if things change.

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there is no longer a ca version of the site.

From Onefinity:
For orders within Canada and US, we do charge tax on orders. Small companies that have low annual revenues are not required to collect tax. However, once a company surpasses a certain monetary threshold, the US Government requires, by law, Canadian companies collect tax. This is part of the State Nexus tax rules. The tax amount shows as GST/HST on our website but the tax amount charged is based on where you are located.

The Canadian site showed up when I tried it out earlier today. I got a shipping quote of $30 for one stepper motor if I clicked on the Canadian flag and $12.50 if I clicked on the US flag. Now both are showing the same shipping charge, $12.50. I suggest the OP refresh / delete any cookies and try again.

It’s $12.50 until you exceed ~$27 then in jumps to $30. I just got done messing around on the order page trying to figure it out. The extra $1.50 ($28.50 original order) bumps shipping up an extra $17.50 to $30.
Ordering the stepper by itself would stay under the $27 threshold and only has $12.50 for shipping.

Does anyone know if OF’s replacement Stepper comes pre-wired with the correct plug?

“The tax amount shows as GST/HST on our website but the tax amount charged is based on where you are located.”

Got it. Sounds like the “GST/HST” invoice item really should be changed to something like “State Sales Tax” for those of us in the US.

Someone needs to send a memo to the webmaster.