GST/HST for Americans

Why are we being charged GST/HST when we live in the USA? Everything I see states US is taxed at 0%. Deal breaker for me. Not paying an extra 209.00 for a Journeyman X-50.

This is a tax you are supposed to either pay yourself or be applied to your purchase once a company sells over a certain value. If you don’t like it call your representatives… This is the us/Canadian agreement not onefinity choosing to do so.

I live in the US and was not charged GST/HST, just my state’s tax.
Perhaps you’re trying to order from the Canadian site?


I read a post a little while ago about this. IIRC, if you live in the US, you are charged your state’s tax, but when you order from the website it’s labelled GST/HST. My guess is that when you’re building your order, it uses the Ontario GST/HST rate of 13%, but once you put in your US address it changes to your state’s tax rate.
That’s my understanding, but email Onefinity to be absolute sure, please don’t rely on my memory, I know I don’t always. Lol.

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I looked at my order last night. It actually added my specific county tax. Benton county in Minnesota is 7.875% and my tax applied to my order was 7.88%.

I live in Virginia and was taxed my normal state tax rate of 5.3%. I was not charged any additional taxes.

Now hold up. I’m pretty certain I was charged these fees on my order. Now I’m going to go check.

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Yep on my woodworker, and all accessories that I ordered separately I’ve only been charged for regular tax of where I live.

My tax was 226.83 and live in Ohio with a 5.75% state sales tax so my tax should of been 170.71 if it went off state tax

How much is the import charge for something like this from Canada? Or does the federal govt on this side not charge anything for customs/etc? No tariffs at all on things coming this way vs the other? (I know Canadians pay a stiff import fee to bring CNCs from the US into Canada)

My experience is that you won’t see anything ‘cross border’ like customs/excise on your bill as a customer.

I think Onefinity has a US entity of some type so it looks like a domestic US sale.


Attached is a copy of the final charges on my invoice. The only unexpected charge was from my bank because it was international(3%). Needless to say I wasn’t very happy about that.

Dustin - I may have egg on my face. I went back and looked at my original receipt (from 2/21) and the seller is
" Kirbre Enterprises Inc.
Units 8 & 9
1180 Stellar Drive Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7B9 Canada"

So yeah, you might get hit with foreign transaction fees if purchasing from anywhere outside Canada. Kirbre Enterprise should highlight this. It’s sometimes possible to avoid these fees - if you know about them.


I used PayPal thinking I would avoid any fees but that isn’t the case. Either way its on me for not doing my homework.

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