Customs duties to Oregon?

I’ve been lurking here for a while and I’m thinking I want to pull the trigger and place an order for a Journeyman. The stated lead time would work out pretty well. Oregon doesn’t charge sales tax, but the thing is, I’m nervous about Federal import duties. I guess NAFTA “free trade” is no longer an thing, and tariffs in general have really increased in the past several years. For some things, e.g., pickup trucks, you get hit with a 25% duty when you import them from another country. If I ending up getting hit with an additional $700-$800 bill from U.S. Customs, on top of shipping, I don’t think this purchase would make sense. No info about this on the Onefinity website, other than “any customs duties are the buyer’s responsibility”. So what are people being forced to cough up?

I don’t think you have to worry about that. Canada is currently the only G7 nation to currently possess free trade agreements with all G7 nations.

To further ease your mind on the subject, I had my Onefinity “imported” about 6 months ago and there were no import taxes or related delays. In fact, I ordered it days prior to a relocation and received it at the new location mere days later and with no greater shipping costs than the initial purchase required.

Edit: also, an updated variant of NAFTA (currently known as USMCA) is still enforced. Not much has changed with North American free trade since 1994.


Thanks for the response. This section in the Onefinity FAQ had me spooked: “This rate does not include any customs or duties charged to you by your Government. These are customer responsibility and we are unable to determine ahead of time what they would be. You should contact your Government to find out any additional taxes/fees for customs. We unable to get a quote for customs from our courier. Our HS Code is 8458.19.0090”

In other words, Onefinity will be no help. Digging further, I found this database: Harmonized Tariff Schedule Search My reading of this is that there’s no tariff from Canada (United States-Canada-Mexico Agreement). Just want to check that other people have found that to be the case.

I’m also in Oregon and my Journeyman is supposed to arrive today. All I’ve paid is the cost of the machine and accessories, and shipping when I made the original purchase.

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No worries. Ironically, I did experience somewhat of a customs debacle immediately prior to discovering Onefinity. I saw that some guy had imported a 4x8 from China and he was running through the typical in-your-face rubbing as he set the beast up in his garage.

So I did some sniffing around and found me a brand new, shiny 4x8 with all the bells and whistles for $3k coming out of Shenzhen. I made contact with the manufacturer (first mistake), began the expected negotiating procedure regarding the matter of shipping (“incoterms”, to be precise) and, once settling on that it would be the responsibility of the factory to handle all the logistics from factory to US port, I started looking into customs brokers, tariffs and the fun and exciting world of LTL shipping from port to home.

At the end of the day, I had to back out of the purchase because, what was initially $3k quickly turned into a $10k+ investment with the majority of that investment being shipping. And I definitely wasn’t feeling all-in for dealing with the logistical nightmare of trying to work this thing through customs on my own to save a few grand.

Nah, the Onefinity was a breeze. Point, click, 3 large boxes arrive at the door. And I’m still getting hit up by reps from that Shenzhen factory pretty much begging me to buy a sexy 4x8. If I can get them to handle all of the logistics from factory-to-home without costing an extra $7k+, I just might. :smiley:


Or just go over and pick it up. I’m sure it will fit in your luggage and is under the amount you need to declare. :grin:

When I was regularly traveling to China, I would buy pearls. Much easier to transport.

I live in Keizer area, and besides the shipping the price was what was advertised.

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As my mentor, Ace Ventura, would say, “It’s bulky but I consider it carry-on!” :joy:

Customs Agent: “Do you have anything to declare?”

Me: “Nah, I’m not really all that talkative.”

Honestly, if this was the 80’s, I could just say it’s my cell phone and nobody would bat a lash.

I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Journeyman. Shipping was pretty reasonable IMO considering it’s 3 heavy boxes. My previous experience with CNC was using a relative’s used commercial-quality machine. I’d do the CAD with Onshape (free online version), and then go to his place and do the CAM on his computer in VisualMILL. For the stuff I want to do it looks like I qualify for the hobbyist version of Fusion 360, so I’ll switch to that. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and it looks pretty similar to Onshape. Thanks for all the replies.


Congratulations and welcome to the ever-expanding team. :slight_smile:

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