Anyone purchased and shipped to UK?

Hi All,

I am new to all of this, no experience of CAD\CAM\CNC so a very large learning curve for my retirement coming up…just hope the old gray cells aren’t too addled now…

I am based in England and want to find out if any one has purchased and shipped to the
UK, if so their experience of ordering the Onefinity, approx costs to ship, import and how they find support from abroad.

I appreciate any advice, information thrown my way.

Hi Nibeht

I ordered my 1F with all the accessories back in September and arrived in Dec.
on top of the shipping costs, I had to pay an extra £280.00 in tax duty.
My JTech laser was not in stock at the time of order but it was delivered the second week in January.
From shipping notification to delivery of 1F it took around 4days
I had to pay an extra £85.00 for the tax duty for the laser but Onefinity refunded me this amount due to no fault of myself.
There was a couple of items missing from the JTech laser delivery but this was confirmed on a Friday and the delivery was on the following Tuesday.
The support I received from Jenn at Onefinty was second to none, an absolute pleasure to communicate with and took care of everything for me.
The missing parts came directly from JTech after Jenn made it possible
All In all the experience was excellent, very professional and a friendly service provided by the Onefinity team
Hope this helps

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for the info on import costs and regarding onefinity service.

I do like their cnc, especially low build time, think I just looking for a couple of reviews like yours showing no real issue to getting it from abroad but if issues, then good customer service and forum.

All the best

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Hi Paultommy

Sorry but meant to ask, does the inefinity come all ready for uk power and socket.

I know in USA they have 120v and 240v ( for large appliances), does the onefinity power supply involve just a switch to flick to get to uk 240v and possibly a new plug fitted ?

Very much appreciate your help.

Kind regards

Hi Nibeht

yes the controller and JTech laser arrived with the UK powerpoint,when purchasing you will be given an option on which power supply you need
I didn’t have to flick a switch as it was all set to go

Hope this helps

Regards Paul

Hi Paul

That is great and what I was hoping to hear.

Thank you once again for your help.

Kimd regards


Thanks your help with my queries. I did research a bit more via forums etc and purchased one. So now I have a few minllonths to start picking up whatever I can about cnc/cam etc. Thanks again for your assistance.

Kimd regards

@Nibeht welcome to the wait!!! luckily I only have a couple of weeks until my 1F arrives in the UK :crossed_fingers:

Think I may be a bit green with envy now :grinning:, I look forward to when I can say the same, till then I best get reading, learning and hopefully absorbing some information on this thing called CNC :crazy_face:

Enjoy your new purchase and spare a thought for those of us still chomping at the bit for theirs. :grinning:

Look forward to seeing some posts :+1:

Hi Nibeht.
Did you purchase your one finity? how much did it cost you for import duties/ taxes? to get it to the uk? just about to take the plunge myself. is it jan 2001 this posting?. best of luck. pete

Hi Pete,

Yes got my 1F June 29th, ordered in late feb. Have been learning and playing with as time has allowed since then. The import duties were £269 and some odd pence. Obviously that can vary according to what you purchase. I just got the 1F, suckit boot. C9ntroller and extension wires, no laser. I am glad I was not put off by the wait time. Only issues I have had to date are down to newby operator :rofl:. If I was purchasing again I would upgrade ro 10 inch screen or not bother with screen and purchase a compatible touch monitor this side of the pond. Let me know if you go ahead.

All the best

Hi Graham, Thanks for the speedy reply. Glad you are up and running. i am not sure whether to wait for this or order the ooznest workbee, the onefinity looks better, but i know zero about cnc`s so its all a gamble . will be making decision this weekend either way . Stay safe my friend. Pete

Hi Pete

Like you I am newbie to it all. I had been looking for a while, xcarve, shaepoko and others etc and was put off by belts, wheels and lengthy construction times due to bags and bags of parts. And always reliant on their instructions being spot on, especially for someone like me.

Once I saw demo of the 1F on myers workshop, the rigidity and the speed of construction I was pretty much sold. After my previous research the 1F was probably the next iteration of CNC construction that I was waiting for. Obviously I was concerned shipping from Canada etc and the wait time but I am glad I did go ahead.

When the three boxes arrived I had the thing ready to run within 45 minutes by just following the 1F video.

For me, due to my non existence of knowledge of CNC Hardware and Software I wanted the ease of setup and as few a pieces as possible to have to buld it. I was always concerned if I had issues how long would I spend making sure it wasn’t the user and then moving on to the multitude of parts that make up the machine etc.

I spent a long time in the forum seeing some of the issues that people had to gain insite to the support they get from 1F and I have to admit that helped sway me as I could only see positives from the way they helped people with issues.

I wish you the best in making your choice, if you have any other questions definitely ask or post on forum as there are a lot of very knowledgeable cnc people on there willing to help out us novices. It also helped me glean some of the issues that can arise and made me more comfortable with making the decision to go ahead.

All the best

I ordered in late January, arrived end of June. Much the same as the above wrt duties etc.

I’m also a newbie.

1F is easy to set up. I’d keep your preparation of tables simple until you’ve used it a while. I have 2 18mm ply boards glued together and sat on an old workbench (it overhangs a lot).

Well worth the wait. Easy setup, easy to use.

My next job is to place the controller somewhere it won’t get so dusty and build a table to dump all the bits and pieces nearby as they’ll either be knocked off the table by the CNC or vibrated off. Then sort out a vacuum system; at the moment, it and the router cable are hanging from a piece of string off the ceiling.