Import tax to pay

What a case of mixed emotions I received an email to say your machine is arriving Friday with an email to say first I have to pay £278 GBP import duty.
So for all those in the UK better put that into the total cost.
Still worth every penny.

wow I didn’t think it would be that much, thanks for the heads up though

That stings. I didn’t realise that it would be that much either. It could be more or less depending on what accessories we have ordered on top of the main unit as well. Thanks for the heads up, for warned is for armed.

I was a bit shocked too but that was on top of the $299 shipping costs already paid.

Yeah I expected the shipping cost as due to the sturdiness of the CNC. But failed to realise on the import tax.

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unfortunately, we can’t do much about the tariffs and import taxes.

IMO the air freight shipping cost of $299 across the Atlantic to the UK is reasonable. From the previous post it would appear the import duty into the UK is approximately 10%. I would like to know was VAT at 20% then added as well? I am in Northern Ireland and am awaiting my machine in December so want to be prepared for all additional costs.

@Jase Jason would love to touch base with you to find out how things are going with your onefinity. Are you based in Bournemouth. I live near Wareham.

Hello Jase

I hope you are keeping well. I am thinking of buying the Onefinity woodworker model and was wondering what you thought of the machine and how are you getting on with it. After a lot of research i have decided on the oneinfinity. This will be my first CNC machine and I am based in Kent. I am very interested in your feedback/advice as i am about to place my order.did you buy the laser unit?


Hi George
Thanks for the email unfortunately after purchasing my machine my health Deteriorated ( stroke) so my machine is still in my garage in a box waiting for me to get better.
I bought the whole kit lazer bits and all.
How much are you having to pay for machine?
The import tax was a few hundred pounds by the way, perhaps reluctantly we could do a deal and you buy my machine will at least save you a few hundred on taxes and you would get it quicker.
Take care

Hello Jason, very sorry to hear about your poor health and I hope you are on the mend. Yes I’m interested, can i message you outside the forum to discuss.

Yeah my email is
Look forward to hearing from you

Hi Jason,
Did you sell your machine in the end?


You could simply warn your customers. I just got a $600 bill that wasn’t expected, I know i should have known but yet I did not. I’ll pay cause I have the money right now but what if i didn’t ?
As everyone is not used to shop worldwide a simple line saying, “Import tax may occur” would suffice.

For me the shipping alon is 1600 USD :neutral_face:.
Plus 20% tax and import fees.

To Saudia Arabia.