From a Newbee help please

Is the Onefinity Journeyman, or any of the models available to buy in the UK?
if so can you please direct me to the shop? sorry if i posted in the wrong place. cant see any similar posts

Gerald, not available for direct purchase, but they do ship to the UK.

Hi I am in the UK and purchased a Woodworker last year delivery was fairly lengthy at the time but well worth the wait.
After sales service has been fantastic a lot quicker than a lot of UK based companies.
You will get charged for import duty and VAT which you cant do anything about

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Iā€™m also from uk. Factor in tax.

Even if purchased in the uk tax will have been added so no need to fret about it.

Onefinity support whether to uk or us is excellant.

Et All Thanks all for the replays, yes I understand that you pay taxes. no import duty from Canada as long as you use the correct HS code when purchasing. you may get hit with the import duty if you import the touchscreen Coding is a bit vague on that part if declared.but vat at 20% is payable. You wont get charged the GST/HST taxes as you are out side Canada. I have imported a few items from North America in the past, and use my own Fedex account paying the duty in advance this also cuts down on the costs. I will update when i finalise my purchase .