Onefinity Woodworker - Germany

Hello everyone,

I am interested in the Onefinity Woodworker and would like to order it to Germany.
Unfortunately, I can’t find the HS code given in the forum on the website of the customs office, or at least only approximately. I am also being denied the calculation of the actual costs on the customs page.

So, without further ado, I would like to ask the forum if there are any personal experiences with orders to Germany? What does customs charge?

Alternatively, are there already resellers who sell Onefinity in Germany?

Many thanks

Hi, take a look over there (bottom of the thread) it looks like you are not alone in Germany:

Hello cokaaiiin, I’m from Italy and last week I finally received my 1F Woodworker with DHL Express and if this can help you my Italian import custom taxes etc etc…was €367. So I don’t know in Germany but I think that figure is not to far from reality.

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Thanks for the tip. I have seen the thread, wanted to follow it but still start a separate one.

Thanks for the answer! I can also imagine that the fees will not differ too much


Try this site - Customs tariffs.

When I got my Xcarve it fell under 846799 - Other.

You can also check this post - HS Code

Maybe this will help.



Hello Cokaaiin,

For information: I have paid € 316,- for the import taxes in the Netherlands.


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I have checked with the customs office and would like to pass on the information for all other readers from Germany.
There is a 2.7% customs duty, 19% VAT and a customs declaration must be made for goods exceeding €1000. This can be done independently and free of charge or - and this was clearly the recommendation by the customs official - the carrier takes care of it automatically and charges 50-70€ for the processing.

Thanks guys for sharing the info. I think that for all countries within EU, the import duty is same (2,7%), but there will be main difference in VAT, as the VAT % is not unified across EU, and then the charges of the carrier to process the customs declaration paperwork for you will be very specific case by case.

I searched the TARIC database on the web and here is the result below. Just the HS code given by Onefinity does not work, instead of 8458190090 the only accepted code is 8458190000 on the TARIC web. So I do not know if it is a typing mistake having 90 at the end of the code or what. Anyway, the customs duty is the same.

You can check yourself here:


the screenshot and the import duty that you refer to are valid for shipping from the USA to the EU (2,7 %). Aren’t Onefinity CNCs produced in canada? Aren’t they dispatched from there? In this case, the import duty into the EU would be 0,0 %, thanks to Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA):

In that case ordering from Germany would just require to pay local 19% import VAT.

Question: Are the machines dipatched from Canada if I order from Germany?



you are right. In fact there are two questions, one - if dispatched from Canada or USA, and second - what is the country of origin of the goods stated on the invoice? Because that might be the tricky part. For example the laser is made in USA.

Anyway, the customs duty is minor cost compared to the VAT. So I would recommend to those of you who own a business and can buy on your company to do so (being able to justify the purchase for your business activity). This way you can lower your tax base and eventually get the VAT reimbursement (if your company is registered VAT payer). That is how I try to manage this.

This is a screenshot from the PDF invoice based on my order. As you can see, the seller is a company based in USA. But down below the items listed you can find Made in Canada. So…

I think they may be using Borderworx, which is at that location I believe, as their logistics company - my guess is that they are probably handling the USA and international shipping.

Hi Josef,

thank you for sharing this information.

I tried to find this out before by reading Kirbre’s Terms and Conditions and their Shipping and Returns information but it says nothing about from where the machines are dispatched. No direct mentioning of where Kirbre Industries Inc. is located, it just mentions an office address in Canada.

Our Contact Information:
Canadian Business Office
1180 Stellar Drive, Unit 8/9
Newmarket ON L3Y 7B9

I think I should ask them directly. Will write them an E-Mail tomorrow.


Ok, then let us know… I think the international sales have been really minor part of their business, so these questions and issues are just coming up with guys like us…

This is correct. We use boarderworks as our logistics for the US.

We are located in Newmarket ON Canada.


thanks for the quick reply. You say boarderworks for the US, but for the EU, do you dispatch from Canada?

Josef says he got its invoice from Niagara Falls NY, USA, but he is located in Czechia, EU.

@Josef You didn’t receive the machine itself, right?


Every machine is sent from the same place in Canada

No, I haven’t got my machine yet, scheduled start July. The invoice was just for the order and payment made.

Thank your for your quick reply.

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